Hangai Prize

In memory of Professor Yasuhiko Hangai (Japan, 1942-1998), a very active member of the IASS and its Executive Council, and in accordance with his career-long encouragement for young people, the Hangai Prize recognizes talented young researchers, designers, and engineers working in the field of shell and spatial structures. This recognition is achieved by selecting outstanding submissions to the Annual IASS Symposium in the form of research papers, résumés of design projects, or innovative ideas.

To address inquiries about the Hangai Prize not answered by the following sections of this page, e-mail the prize committee.

The Hangai Prize Committee Has Selected the Four Winners of the 21st Hangai Prize

  • Kentaro Hayakawa for the paper “Panel-pin model for kinematic and equilibrium analysis of rigid origami” by Kentaro Hayakawa and Makoto Ohsaki
  • Jonas Warmuth for the paper "Computational Conceptual Design – Typological Exploration of Spatial Truss Systems through Optimization" by Jonas Warmuth, Pierluigi D'Acunto, Corentin Fivet
  • Zoe Cooperband for the paper "Towards Homological Methods in Graphic Statics" by Zoe Cooperband and Robert Ghrist
  • Yiwei Zhang for the paper "Modular Design of Multistable Pneumatic Structures from a Flat Pattern of Air Pouches" by Yiwei Zhang, Tomoya Tendo, and Tomohiro Tachi.

The Hangai Prize will be delivered to the winners in a plenary session of the 2023 IASS Symposium, when their leading-edge researches will also be presented.

To address inquiries about the Hangai Prize not answered by this page, e-mail the prize committee.