Design Competition

Competition and exhibition of innovative lightweight structures: An invitation to artists, designers, engineers, and researchers

Organized by the IASS Working Group 21 “Advanced Manufacturing and Materials”

After the successes of the 2015 IASS expo in Amsterdam, the 2019 expo in Barcelona and the 2021 expo in Surrey, the IASS Working Group 21 (WG21) is organizing a new exhibition during the annual international symposium of the IASS 2023 in Melbourne Australia.

Artists, designers, engineers, and researchers from all over the world are invited to participate in a contest and exhibition of innovative lightweight structures. The structures must display a strong vision of structural design and innovation. They should demonstrably be the result of structural engineering focused research projects. It is our ambition to have an exhibition that shows new insights into structural typologies, through the design of a pavilion.

The pavilions will be exhibited during the symposium and the contest jury will award several prizes to the most innovative realized structures.

Details about the competition, including guidelines and application form, can be found at

Please direct any questions about the competition to Professor Arno Pronk, by email to